Around the World in Eighty Days

Средний 2 - 4 игрока 60 мин.
+38(063)455 39 86 Price 600 UAH Hragdanskaya str 17

The plot of the escape room «Around the World in 80 Days»

Last century, the Royal Academy of Sciences bet with the scientist Phileas Fogg that he would turn all over the world in 80 days. The company of travelers passed through the incredible tasks and adventures in different countries.

Features of the current room:

— The room has several locations
— No digital locks
— Entourage of different continents and cultures
— The atmosphere of adventure and travel

Escape room «Around the World in Eighty Days» in English

The passing of this room in English is unique format that allows you to get interesting entertainment for the foreigners, as well as residents and guests of our beloved city. Besides, you can test your English level and get some additional practice.
This quest is not only an entertainment, but it also has an educational format.

Goal of the game

Your team gets into the location and within 60 minutes your task is to become the heroes of the novel «80 Days Around the World». You will encounter puzzles and riddles that should be solved in order to achieve the goal.

Do we need special knowledge to play this quest?

Of course not, this type of entertainment is a kind of rest. Both adults and children can play the game. All tasks of the quest are focused on logic. And if you come across something that you may find extremely difficult — you can take a hint from the administrator.

How many people can play at once?

This escape room is designed for a team of 2 to 4 people. If you plan to play by a team of 5+ people — please call our administrators at: +38 (095) 288-31-98. They will find a special option suitable for your team.

How to book the escape room

You can make the booking through the online service below or by calling us on the phone numbers indicated in the contacts.

Are you ready to challenge the Royal Academy of Sciences and make unbelievable travel like a legendary Willy Fogg ? If yes, then make your move!

Important: If you make booking by yourself, you must add to the field for your name the note «ENG». Base cost of the room in English — 600 Hrn, a final price will be clarified by phone.