Легкий 2 - 4 игрока 60 мин.
+38(095)288 31 98 Price 600 UAH Hragdanskay str, 17

The plot of the escape room

America 30s. Alcohol prohibition. Time of mafia and gangsters. They concentrated in their hands all power of the state. Find yourself in the lair of the gang leaders, try to survive and escape! Besides, you will have an opportunity to grab some money with you!

 Goal of the game

You are in mafia’s an underground bar where alcohol, poker and total lawlessness. Your team will have only one hour before the arrival of the police in order to get a key, hit the jackpot and get out.

Features of the current room:

– dynamic quest
– entourage of the 30s
– the atmosphere of the Italian mafia
– quest is designed to work in a team

Important: If you make booking by yourself, add to the field for your name the note “ENG”. Additional cost for the English version of the room 150 Hrn. Unfortunately in sms after the order you will receive an information according the price for the non-English room. Apologies for the inconvenience.