Shawshank redemption

Сложный 2 - 4 игрока 60 мин.
+38(067)579 91 38 Price 600 UAH Hragdanskaya str.17

Escape room «Shawshank redemption» from the company IQ in Kharkov — this is one of the most difficult escape rooms. This quest will definitely appeal to experienced players and people who are tired of monotonous quests that are similar to each other.

The plot of the escape room «Shawshank redemption»

The main character spent in prison more then 20 years. This illegal punishment forces him to commit an escape. The developed plan will of escape will take not more then 60 minutes. That is all that set apart the dream from reality.

Features of the current room:

— Realistic prison decorations;
— The plot, based on the film «Shawshank redemption»;
— Tasks on the prison theme;
— One of the most difficult rooms in Kharkov;

How many people can play at once?

This escape room is designed for a team of 2 to 4 people. If you plan to play by a team of 5+ people — please call our administrators at: +38 (095) 288-31-98. They will find a special option suitable for your team.

How to book the escape room

You can make the booking through the online service below or by calling us on the phone numbers indicated in the contacts.

Important: If you make booking by yourself, you must add to the field for your name the note «ENG». Base cost of the room in English — 600 Hrn, a final price will be clarified by phone.