Spy Games

Легкий 2 - 4 игрока 60 мин.
+38(063)455 39 86 Price 600 UAH Hragdanskaya str 17

The scenario of this room is based on events which took place during the Cold War.

1953. You work for English secret service. You managed to get into the secret laboratory — sharashka engaged in the development of the aircraft of a new generation . Will you be able to get out and pass important information to the Center? It only depends on you.

This quest room in the center of Kharkov will pull you in an atmosphere of secrecy and allow you to touch the greatest spy secrets of the middle of the last century.

Important: If you make booking by yourself, you must add to the field for your name the note «ENG». Base cost of the room in English — 600 Hrn, a final price will be clarified by phone.